Archived Brackets

This is where the archived brackets will go! (Or perhaps a nice colorful list of Bryce's seedings, instead).

1: Kansas, Syracuse, Kentucky, Villanova
2: Kansas St., New Mexico , Duke, Tennessee
3: West Virginia, Purdue, Ohio St, Pittsburgh
4: Georgetown, Baylor, BYU, Wisconsin
5: Temple, Maryland, Vanderbilt, Oklahoma St.
6: Texas A&M, Wake Forest, Richmond, Gonzaga
7: Georgia Tech, Missouri, Texas, Butler
8: Marquette, Northern Iowa, Xavier, Michigan St
9: UNLV, Clemson, Utah St., Florida State
10: Notre Dame, Louisville, Connecticut, UAB
11:, South Florida, Miss State, Dayton, Old Dominion
12: San Diego State, UTEP, Cornell, St. Mary’s
13: Cal, Murray St, Siena, Kent St
14: Oakland, Weber St, SoCon (Wofford), Sam Houston St
15: Pacific, Coastal Carolina, Sun Belt (W. Kentucky), AE (Vermont)
16: A-Sun (Belmont), Morgan St, Patriot (Lehigh), NEC (Robert Morris), SWAC (UA-Pine Bluff)

First Four Out: William and Mary, Florida, Virginia Tech, Minnesota
Next Four Out: Washington, Charlotte, Seton Hall, Ole Miss

Bids by Conference:
Big East (10): Syracuse, Villanova, Georgetown, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, Marquette, Louisville, Notre Dame, South Florida
Big 12 (7): Kansas, Kansas St, Baylor, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma St, Texas A&M
ACC (5): Duke, Maryland, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Clemson
Big 10 (4): Purdue, Wisconsin, Ohio St, Michigan St
A-10 (4): Temple, Richmond, Xavier, Dayton
MWC (4): New Mexico, BYU, UNLV, San Diego State
SEC (4): Kentucky, Tennessee, Vanderbilt , Miss State
WCC (2): Gonzaga, St. Mary's
CAA (1): Old Dominion
Pac-10 (1): Cal

2/24 CJ's Bracket

1: Kansas, Syracuse, Kentucky, Purdue
2: Villanova, West Virginia, Kansas St., Pitt
3: Duke, Tennessee, Ohio St., G’town
4: Baylor, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Vanderbilt
5: Brigham Young, Temple, Texas, Texas A&M
6: Richmond, Gonzaga ,Wake Forest, , Missouri
7: Georgia Tech, Maryland , Michigan St, UConn
8: Florida St, Marquette, Butler, Xavier
9: Utah St., Northern Iowa, Louisville, UNLV
10: Illinois, William and Mary ,Clemson, Rhode Island
11: Oklahoma St., Old Dominion, VCU, Cornell
12: Charlotte, Dayton, Virginia Tech, UTEP
13: Washington, Murray St, Siena, Kent St
14: Oakland, Weber St, SoCon (Wofford), Sam Houston St
15: Pacific, Coastal Carolina, A-Sun (Belmont), Morgan St
16: Sun Belt (W. Kentucky), AE (Vermont), Patriot (Lehigh), NEC (Robert Morris), SWAC (UA-Pine Bluff)

First Four Out: Florida, SDSU, SMC , USF,
Next Four Out: Ole Miss,Seton Hall , UAB, Notre Dame
Bids by Conference:
Big East (8): Villanova, Syracuse, West Virginia, Georgetown, Pitt, Marquette, Louisville, UConn
ACC (7): Duke, Wake Forest, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Florida St., Clemson, Virginia Tech
Big 12 (7): Kansas, Kansas St, Texas, Baylor, Texas A&M, Missouri, Oklahoma St.
A-10 (6): Temple, Richmond, Xavier, Charlotte, Rhode Island, Dayton
Big 10 (5): Purdue, Wisconsin, Ohio St, Michigan St, Illinois
SEC (3): Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Tennessee
MWC (3): New Mexico, BYU, UNLV
CAA (3): William and Mary, Old Dominion, VCU

Thanks to Bryce for his 13-16 seed lines... I haven't finished my analysis yet

2/16 CJ's Bracket

1: Kansas, Villanova, Kentucky, Syracuse
2: Wisconsin, Purdue, West Virginia, Duke
3: Georgetown, Pitt, Kansas St., Ohio St
4: Vanderbilt, UNM , Tennessee, Michigan St
5: Baylor, Wake Forest, Texas Gonzaga,
6: Texas A&M, Temple, BYU, Maryland
7: Marquette, Richmond, Georgia Tech, Missouri
8: UNI, Clemson, Butler, Xavier
9: Florida, UNLV, Oklahoma St. , Florida St
10: William & Mary, Illinois, USF, Connecticut
11: Louisville, Old Dominion, Charlotte, Ole Miss
12: Virginia Tech, Washington, Cornell, UTEP
13: Siena, Murray St., Nevada

Next week I'll have the auto qualifiers seeded