Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bryce - One Week to Selection Sunday

EDIT: I altered this from my earlier seed list to reflect VCU's victory over George Mason

At this point, it is close enough to Selection Sunday that I feel comfortable doing my seed list as if today were Selection Sunday.

1. Kansas, Ohio St, Pitt, Notre Dame
2. North Carolina, Duke, BYU, Texas
3. Purdue, San Diego St, Florida, Syracuse
4. Wisconsin, Kentucky, St. John's, Louisville
5. Connecticut, Arizona, Vanderbilt, Kansas St.
6. Cincinnati, Georgetown, WVU, Texas A&M
7. UCLA, Old Dominion, Xavier, UNLV
8. Villanova, Temple, Utah St, Tennessee
9. George Mason, Missouri, Florida St, Illinois
10. Washington, Marquette, Colorado, Georgia
11. Nebraska, Memphis, Gonzaga, Richmond
12. Va Tech, Michigan, VCU, BC, Michigan St, Butler
13. Harvard, Belmont, Oakland

First Four Out: Oklahoma St, Alabama, Clemson, UAB
Next Four Out: Colorado St, New Mexico, Baylor, St. Mary's

1 comment:

Unknown said...

First four out Ok State? Dude, get off the crack - they are 6-10 in the are the only moron in the country who even has them on the radar...

i guess i shouldn't be surprised, you have the lowest average paymon score on the bracketology project over the last 3 years, so you obviously have a history of poor picks...