Thursday, January 19, 2012

January Bracketology- CJ

Bracketology as of 1/20 12 AM CT

(Note no S-Curve posted because teams are in order and not fixed for bracketing purposes, highest ranked team at each seed level on left (so 1,2,3,4 teams are the 1’s and the 2’s will be listed 5, 6, 7, 8)

1 Seeds: Kentucky, Syracuse, Duke, Baylor
2 Seeds: Ohio State, Michigan State, Kansas, UNC
3 Seeds: Missouri, Georgetown, UConn, UNLV
4 Seeds: Indiana, Marquette, Michigan, Creighton
5 Seeds: Illinois, Seton Hall, UVA, Vanderbilt,
6 seeds: Murray State, Alabama, Kansas State, Gonzaga
7 seeds: Florida, WVU, SMC, SDSU
8 seeds: Miss St. Wisconsin, Purdue, Wichita State
9 seeds: New Mexico, Louisville, California, Memphis
10 seeds: Temple, Dayton, Stanford, Harvard
11 Seeds: Northwestern, FSU, Cincy, Xavier
12 Seeds: Texas, BYU, Iona, Midde Tenn State
13 Seeds: SLU-Minnesota, USM-Marshall, Long Beach State, Oral Roberts
14 Seeds: Davidson, Cleveland State, Nevada, Belmont
15 Seeds: Akron, George Mason, Weber State, Bucknell,
16 Seeds: Norfolk State, LIU-Brooklyn, Texas-Arlington-Stony Brook, UNC-Asheville-Miss Valley State

Also Considered: Notre Dame, NC State, Iowa State, Northern Iowa

What will change between now and March?

More: Big East
Less: SEC

A-10 will be interesting to see if SLU, Dayton, Temple can all hang onto bids... but Richmond could steal one too

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