Monday, February 27, 2012

2/27 Bracket Update

Bracket 2/27 Update
-Finally nice to see some teams actually try and play their way into the tournament… granted they are teams that most years would be dead but we are obligated to put 68 teams in so we will get them from somewhere but at least we got some kids who wanna dance

- ESPN and the national media are making a non-story a story about the SLU loss at URI… does it hurt the shot at white? Sure… but out? Come on guys… SLU is in… I mean we have Texas who doesn’t have a top 100 RPI winning record in (if your Joe Lunardi) and we are talking about the SLU being out? Wake up media.

- On a similar topic, Harvard had a tough home loss to Penn to fall into a statistical tie for the Ivy League conference title, if they both win out they will have a 1 game playoff for the title (no conf tourney in Ivy). If Harvard was to lose that game would they be out?
NO NO NO, they are 1-0 vs the RPI top 25, 1-1 vs RPI top 50, and 7-3 vs RPI top 100… Texas has 1 RPI top 25 win too, but also 6 losses… so 1-6 vs RPI top 25, 3-8 vs RPI top 50, and 4-9 vs RPI top 100… Harvard is 10-2 L12, Texas is 6-6… now granted I don’t have Texas in my field but the point is this… how are these resumes even close? They aren’t… Harvard is being underseeded because of their name… they might be in march too, but they aren’t in danger of not making it either

- Big East is not making things easy… ND had a tough loss at SJU just when they were about to be a top 4 line lock, their resume still looks a ton like 2011 Florida, if they can make a BET run I expect them to be a protected seed (and if you bet on that in January that’d make the Cardinals winning the WS bet in August look like the lock of the century) , USF keeps winning BE games making it harder and harder to not put them in despite an awful non-conf record, and just when you’re ready to take the Pirates out they win a big game vs Gtown

- The Big X has kinda just turned into a blob mess… the Wisco win at Ohio State was elite, but it makes the NCAA seeding a lot harder… we have Michigan State on the 1 line, and then what? We got Ohio State, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan all with similar resumes… seeding these 4 teams correctly will go a long way to having a top bracket

- Conf tournaments start this week so as we get mid-major winners they will be bolded, so you know they have locked in a bid

1: Kentucky, Syracuse, Kansas, Michigan State
2: Duke, UNC, Missouri, Marquette
3: Baylor, Georgetown, Michigan, Ohio State
4: Wisconsin, Louisville, Indiana, Florida
5: Notre Dame, Florida State, Wichita State, Temple
6: UNLV, Murray State, Vanderbilt, Creighton
7: New Mexico, Gonzaga, Purdue, St. Mary’s
8: SDSU, UVA, Memphis, St. Louis
9: Iowa State, Kansas State, Harvard, California
10: Southern Miss, UConn, Alabama, WVU
11: Cincinnati, Long Beach St., BYU, Washington
12: Northwestern, St. Joes, Iona, NC State
13: Miami-South Florida, Seton Hall-Xavier, Middle Tennessee, Oral Roberts
14: Drexel, Belmont, Davidson, Akron
15: Nevada, Weber State, Valpo, Bucknell
16: LIU-Brooklyn, UT-Arlington, NC-Asheville-Stony Brook, Miss Valley St.-Savannah State

Considered: Arizona, Texas, Washington, Dayton, UCF, Illinois, Oregon, Arkansas

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