Sunday, February 3, 2013

2/3 Bracket and Q/A

1. Michigan, Florida, Indiana, Kansas
2. Duke, Syracuse, Gonzaga, Arizona
3. Louisville, Miami, Ohio State, Butler
4. Cinncinati, Michigan State, Minnesota, VCU
5. New Mexico, NC State, Oregon, Ole Miss
6. Creighton, Wichita State, UCLA, Marquette
7. UNLV, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Missouri
8. SDSU, Wisconsin, Kansas State, Georgetown
9. St. Louis, Colorado State, La Salle, Baylor
10. UNC, Belmont, Kentucky, Oklahoma State
11. Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa State, Middle Tenn State
12.  Temple, Indiana State, Villanova, Memphis, Arizona State, St. Mary's
13. Bucknell, Louisiana Tech, Akron, Stephen F. Austin
14. North Dakota State, Valpo, Harvard, Davidson
15. Stony Brook, Long Beach State, Montanta, Northeastern
16. Florida Gulf Coast, Niagara, Bryant, Southern, Charleston Southern, Norfolk State

Updated 2/3

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Joe (Washington D.C)- Why you so low on Illinois, lots of great wins, and don't have any bad losses

Joe, completely agree that Illinois doesn't have the bad losses one would expect from an 11 seed, but the reality is that they have a ton of losses... only 1 team has ever made the tournament being 4 games under .500 in conference play, so while they have the wins to be in, the losses add up and result in a lower seed than one might think

Mary (Seattle, Washington)- Whose this year's Iona going to be that nobody had in?

Mary, I think its clear now that the committee is using the extra at-large bids to get the mid-major teams more access to the tournament, I currently have Middle Tenn State winning the Sun Belt and getting the automatic bid, but if they don't win it I think they are a team that would sneak in despite a below-average resume

Jim (South Bend, IN)- How high can ND go?

If ND wins out, they max out at a 3 seed Jim, but i can't see a way they get above a 5

Stacy (Kansas City, MO)- Kansas have a shot at the #1 overall seed still?

Loss yesterday was a tough one for them, but if they win out they have a good shot at #1 overall seed

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