Sunday, January 15, 2017

January Bracket

Hey everyone sorry about the lack of a preseason bracket but here we are starting out conference season with the Madness only 2 months away, here is how I would seed the teams if the tournament started today:

Updated January 15th 2017

1 Seeds: Villanova, Kansas, Kentucky, UCLA
2 Seeds: Baylor, Gonzaga, Creighton, Butler
3 Seeds: Florida State, Duke, Notre Dame, Louisville
4 Seeds: Creighton, UNC, WVU, Oregon
5 Seeds: Florida, Arizona Cincinnati, Minnesota
6 Seeds: Xavier, Purdue, St. Mary's Wisconsin
7 Seeds: Purdue, SMU, Clemson, Virginia Tech
8 Seeds: USC, South Carolina, Indiana, Northwestern
9 Seeds: Michigan State, Pittsburgh, Dayton, Iowa State
10 Seeds: VCU, Seton hall, TCU, Arkansas
11 Seeds: Georgia, Kansas State, Wichita State, Miami, Rhode Island, Illinois
12 Seeds: Mid Tenn, UNC-Wilmington, Boise State, UT-Arlington
13 Seeds: Oakland, Akron, Chattanooga, Monmouth
14 Seeds: Vermont, New Mexico State, Florida Gulf Coast, Princeton
15 Seeds: Belmont, Bucknell, ND State, UNC-Asheville
16 Seeds: Texas Southern, Weber State, New Orleans, NC Central, UC-Irvine, Mount St. Mary's

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Unknown said...

You have Purdue as a 6 and 7 seed.