Sunday, March 12, 2017

Final Results

Really like what the committee did getting the field of 68 right and showing that road wins matter

Final Results

68/68 teams
39/68 teams correct seed
63/68 within 1 line

5 teams I missed (my seed/actual seed)

South Carolina- 9/7 - Committee definitely rated SEC wins more than I thought they would given lack of OOC results

Wisconsin- 5/8 - I don't really get this one at all, honestly was just off on Big X in general, could have overrated tournament wins

Northwestern- 10/8 - this was a team I felt like I had too low and in retrospect should have just moved Big East teams down for lack of OOC and overall conference weakness

Seton Hall- 11/9 - Didn't ding them as much as I thought for just being boring against good competition, underrated that late Butler win maybe

Wichita State- 7/10 - I'm right and the committee is wrong, would do it again

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