Monday, March 12, 2018

2018 Results

Well had the right idea with the Pac-12 not being viewed as highly due to the lack of the OOC losses just picked the wrong Pac-12 team (USC vs ASU was close) but the committee got Syracuse vs Notre Dame wrong I can live with that.

WVU as the top 5 from the bottom 3 - tough beat here but part of the Big XII not getting respect without a rep on the committee

Providence as a 7 to a 10 - This is an example of me not realizing the lack of OOC wins for Providence, split vs the elite teams and then best non-conf win was Rider and 0-6 on road vs top 50, def a live and learn spot

Final score (barring me being bad at math)

66/68 in (3 points a piece) = 198
46/68 Exact seeds = 138
64/68 with 1 line = 18

Total score: 354

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