Tuesday, February 26, 2019

It's Almost March!

March is right around the corner so time to fire up another bracket as we approach the end of conference play:

1 Seeds: UVA, Duke, Gonzaga, Kentucky
2 Seeds: Michigan State, UNC, Tennessee, Michigan
3 Seeds: Houston, Marquette, Texas Tech, LSU
4 Seeds: Purdue, Kansas, Wisconsin, Florida State
5 Seeds: Kansas State, Maryland, Nevada, Iowa State
6 Seeds: Virginia Tech, Miss State, Buffalo, Iowa
7 Seeds: Louisville, Cincinnati, Washington, Auburn
8 Seeds: Villanova, Baylor, Texas, Ole Miss
9 Seeds: Oklahoma, Ohio State, St. Johns, Syracuse
10 Seeds: NC State, TCU, VCU, Wofford
11 Seeds: UCF, Florida, Utah State, Temple
12 Seeds: Arizona State, Seton Hall, Minnesota, Alabama, Belmont, Lipscomb
13 Seeds: NM State, Yale, Old Dominion, Vermont
14 Seeds: Hofstra, UC-Irvine, South Dakota State, Montana
15 Seeds: Texas State, Radford, UL-Chicago, Wright State
16 Seeds: Bucknell, Rider, Norfork State, St. Francis PA, Sam Houston State, Prarie View A&M

The hardest part of this bracket (and bracketology this year) is actually the Southern conference, they appear to be 4 deep but none of them actually got non-conf wins to prove it, this conference desperately could have used that old mid-major weekend to prove it belongs on the level of an A-10 this year... I can't give the league 2 bids without any wins... but if the bubble starts weakening, I might change my mind

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