Thursday, March 11, 2021

3/11 Bracket

3/11 Bracket

1 Seeds: Gonzaga, Baylor, Michigan, Illinois

2 Seeds: Alabama, Iowa, Ohio State, Houston

3 Seeds: Arkansas Kansas, WVU, Oklahoma State

4 Seeds: Villanova, Texas, Virginia, USC

5 Seeds: Purdue, Florida State, Creighton, Tennessee

6 Seeds: Texas Tech, Colorado, BYU, Missouri

7 Seeds: Oklahoma, Oregon, Clemson, San Diego State

8 Seeds: Wisconsin, Florida, Loyola-Chicago, LSU

9 Seeds: VT, Uconn, UNC, St. Bonaventure

10 Seeds: Rutgers, VCU, GT, Maryland

11 Seeds: Michigan State, Wichita State, Louisville, Drake

12 Seeds: Utah State, Colorado State, Ole Miss, Saint Louis, Winthrop, Western Kentucky

13 Seeds: Toledo, UC-Santa Barbara, Colgate, Liberty

14 Seeds: UNC-Greensboro, Abilene Christian, Morehead State, Southern Utah

15 Seeds: Grand Canyon, Cleveland State, Drexel, Iona

16 Seeds: Oral Roberts, Hartford, Appalachian State, Mount St. Mary's, Prairie View AM, Coppin State

 First 4 Out: UCLA, Syracuse, Xavier, Boise State


You could tell me any of the 12 seeds should be out and either UCLA or Cuse be in, it's razor thin... UCLA has 1 win vs a tournament team and that was Jan 2nd... St. Louis has 2 wins vs teams in white jerseys in NCAA, same with Ole Miss... gave them the benefit of the doubt.

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Unknown said...

I'm really confused about the love for Drake (from everyone, not just you). A 1 point win at home over an 8 seed (in 3 tries)? 305th ranked NCSOS? Getting blown out by a sub-200 team?

Don't overthink Ole Miss. The committee values teams that have shown they can compete. Ole Miss beat a 5 seed, and swept a 6 seed.

I also think Boise is a bit undervalued - a road win at a 6 seed BYU is one of the best wins of any bubble team. I also hope the committee rewards them for their tough non-conference

On Louisville - I think the committee is going to say "This team had a lot of chances against tournament teams, and most of the time got its teeth kicked in." Honestly, the 1 point home win against Seton Hall tells me to take Seton Hall, who actually has a road win against a tournament team.

In the end, I would take Boise, UCLA, and Seton Hall, and kick out Utah St, Drake, and Louisville. Saint Louis vs. Syracuse is a coin flip to me, and I hope we get some bid steals out of the MWC and AAC.