Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not on the Bubble

Let me repeat that: the following teams are teams that everyone is enamored with, but are nowhere near the bubble:

Arizona State - CBS's Bubble Watch lists the following pros: RPI in the 50's, 7-6 Road/Neutral Record, "Notable" wins over SDSU and Washington. The top 40-45 slots go to at-large worthy candidates, so even if RPI was a good indicator, an RPI in the 50s still would be indicative of an NIT team. When your biggest selling point is that you have two wins over teams barely on the bubble... you aren't getting in.

San Diego St - The Aztecs have too few big wins (2, both at home), too many losses (9), and two bad losses (at Pacific and at Wyoming). Really, their only redeeming feature is that home win over New Mexico. Sorry guys, looks like a Not Invited resume to me.

Minnesota - Hey, I don't hate the West Coast... I can live with hating on the Midwest. Seriously Joe? Let me enumerate this teams top 100 wins: 1) neutral site over Butler, good but not great; 2) Leuer-less Wisconsin; 3) Turner-less Ohio St; 4) Road win over Illinois; 5) Morgan St, the conference champ of the 3rd-worst conference in the land. Its not like they haven't had chances, either; they are 3-6 vs. the RPI top 50. I mean, I guess if they manage to upset Michigan St, I could see them in. Okay, fine Mr. Lunardi, you may have your Gophers.

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