Sunday, March 14, 2010

Selection Show Liveblog: Why are we expanding the damn tournament again?

9:43: So, IRL, Bryce got 294, and the Consensus got 297.

7:59: Err.... The consensus got 298.

7:19: Bryce got 285, CJ got 299.

6:51: Consensus got 290 points. 63/65 correct, 29 seeded correctly, 50 within 1.

6:39: The Committee broke the rules. 3 BE teams in one region?


6:24: And... we're done. Florida was in, but Minnesota was out. And we KNEW Xavier would be overseeded, we just didn't give them enough credit.

6:15: This committee is horrible. Underseeding of Tennessee, overseeding of Michigan St. Consensus missed 3 by 2 or more.

6:06 WOW... how is Duke the #3 overall seed, I don't get it... Cuse out west... yikes, tough break for the Cuse early in the show... what does this say about Cal? maybe they are in now, yikes

6:04: Wow. Syracuse the #4? Wow. Committee, you suck.

5:55: Still agonizing.

5:51: Mike Brey - "Well, not only our conference but our League"

5:28: I'm going to feel sick when I see Virginia Tech. I'm going to feel more sick if W&M makes their first tournament.

5:24: CJ and I finish up our respective brackets. All these teams are terrible. Minnesota choked. Florida is our last team in. Neither of us have confidence in this.

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