Monday, September 19, 2011

Preseason Bracketology-CJ

Well after another spring/summer to digest what went wrong I've got a few things I'm going to note here about last years bracket:

1) It was the worst job by the committee in NCAA history...this has been supported by basketball coaches, players, and analysts... so I'm not going to change my methodology one bit and hope the NCAA comes around

2) I had the right idea for the play-in games: Give teams who have one glaring weakness but pass the eye test to pass the weakness and get into the field: I had Harvard/SMC and they chose UAB/VCU... and I had Colorado as the big conf team with the hole and they chose USC...

3) Late season is overrated... late season is overrated...

4) Winning a conference means something even though it shouldn't...

We'll see if come March I'll listen to myself on these factoids but they should be taken into account.

Now for the Preseason Seed List:

1. North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky, Arizona
2. Ohio State, Pitt, Louisville UConn
3. Syracuse, Florida, Xavier, Temple
4. Vanderbilt, Gonzaga, Purdue, Wisconsin
5. Miami (FL), UNLV, Memphis, Baylor
6. Cincy, Marquette, Kansas, Michigan
7. Wichita State, Virginia Tech, Missouri, Clemson
8. BYU, WVU, Texas, KSU
9. UCLA, New Mexico, Alabama, George Mason
10. Belmont, Washington, Cal, Notre Dame
11. Michigan State, Florida State, Texas A&M, Northwestern
12. Arkansas, Harvard, Southern Cal/SMC, Nova/Illinois
13. St. Johns, Butler, Iona, Bucknell
14. New Mexico St., Davidson, Austin Peay, Long Beach State
15. Akron, UNC-Ashville, South Dakota State, Montana
16. Boston Univesity, Robert Morris, Miss. Valley St./Morgan St., Middle Tenn/UT-San Antonio

Notes after making this bracket on what will be different in March

More Teams: Big East, Big X, Missouri Valley
Less Teams: ACC, SEC, Pac-12

Be back to update this as injuries and transfer news comes out

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