Friday, November 18, 2011

Early Season Tournaments: Do they matter?

As tournament season is underway its time to look at what the NCAA tournament committee did last year (as bad as they did) and see how they valued Early Season Tournaments and the non-conference in general

Old Dominion had wins vs Xavier, Clemson and Richmond in the non-conf in November (as well as losses N-GTown and @ Mizzou) yet come tournament time despite their 27-6 record didn't even get to wear the white jerseys...

Another 9 seed Illinois, only beat 1 NCAA team (Oakland) in non-conference play, but despite their .500 record in conference play somehow was also a 9 seed

This carries down to the bubble as well Georgia didn't beat a NCAA team in the non-conf but going 9-7 in the SEC was good enough but FSU played 4 Top-10 teams and ended up on the same seed line...

Conclusion: If your wearing dark jerseys, don't look at the non-conference

Next Time: Does it matter for white jersey seedS?

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