Sunday, March 17, 2019

Calm Before the Sunday Storm

Bracket of 5am on 3/17

1 Seeds: Virginia, Duke, UNC, Tennessee
2 Seeds: Gonzaga, Kentucky, Michigan State, Michigan'
3 Seeds: Houston, Florida State, Lsu, Texas Tech
4 Seeds: Kansas, Purdue, Wisconsin, Auburn
5 Seeds: Kansas State, Miss State, Marquette Virginia Tech
6 Seeds: Villanova, Buffalo, Iowa State, Cincinnati
7 Seeds: Maryland, Nevada, Wofford, Louisville
8 Seeds: Iowa, Central Florida, Seton Hall, Minnesota
9 Seeds: Washington, Syracuse, Ole Miss, Utah State
10 Seeds: Baylor, Oklahoma, Florida, TCU
11 Seeds: VCU, Ohio State, Temple, UNC-Greensboro, St. Johns, Oregon
12 Seeds: St. Mary's, Murray State, New Mexico State, Liberty
13 Seeds: UC-Irvine, Northeastern, Vermont, St. Louis
14 Seeds: Old Dominon, Yale, Georgia State, Northern Kentucky
15 Seeds: Montana, Colgate, Bradley, Abilene Christian
16 Seeds: Gardner-Webb, Iona, North Dakota State, Fairleigh Dickinson, Prairie View AM, NC Central


I don't see how Gonzaga can be a 1 seed, weird to move them down only losing once since mock bracket but UNC/Tennessee just better in every way

I feel oddly good about UNC-Greensboro getting in as the best mid-major bubble team, they challenged themselves and won all the games they should have... no shame in losing to a #2, #3 and a #7 seed as your only losses all year... this feels like a spot committee sends them to Dayton over the worst major bubble team

Every year there is a conference that does better/worse than expected and all year I've called the Pac-12 as that conference... they are lucky Oregon won or I could have easily seen them as a 1 bid league... don't think any wear white opening weekend

If St. Bonaventure beats St. Louis they slide into the St. Louis slot on the 13 line
If Harvard wins they take Yale's spot on the 14 line
If Tx State beats Georgia State, Texas St. goes to the 15 line and Montana becomes a 14 seed

Going to re-look at a bunch of the seed lines tomorrow but feel pretty good about this.

That being said this is first year of the NET era so who knows what the committee does... we are really working without any safety net so things could get wild tomorrow

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