Sunday, March 17, 2019

Final Grading

LOL at Belmont over UNC-Greensboro... ridiculous message the committee sent... 1st team out also sickening, if you think they are good then you just put them in... either should be in or not in first 4 out....

A lot of the 1v1 resumes between lines went the wrong way for me which is never fun but part of it

Teams Correct: 65/68 (Missed TCU, Alabama, UNC-G for Belmont, Ohio State and Temple... all teams in my first 4 out)

Correct Seeds: 42/65

Within 1 Seed: 60/65

Total Points: 195 + 126 + 18

Total: 339

Not bad, lost myself 12-15 points late tweaking auto-bid seeds but should be an average year and thats fine when you miss on 3 bubble teams

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