Thursday, March 14, 2019

Conference Championship Week

Taking into account results up to Ohio State beating Indiana

1. Virginia, Duke, Gonzaga, North Carolina
2. Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, LSU
3. Michigan State, Texas Tech, Houston, Purdue
4. Kansas, FSU, Wisconsin, Virginia Tech
5. Kansas State, Marquette, Maryland, Miss State
6. Nevada, Buffalo, Iowa State, UCF
7. Villanova, Auburn, Louisville, Wofford
8. Cincinnati, Washington, Iowa, Baylor
9. Oklahoma, VCU, Syracuse, Ole Miss
10. Texas, Utah State, Minnesota, St. John's
11. Florida, Ohio State, Seton Hall, NC State
12. Arizona State, TCU, Belmont, Murray State, UNC-Greensboro, Temple
13. New Mexico State, Old Dominion, Vermont, UC-Irvine
14. Northeastern, Yale, South Dakota State, Georgia State
15. Northern Kentucky, Radford, Montana, Colgate
16. Bradley, Sam Houston State, Iona, Norfolk State, Prairie View A&M, Farleigh Dickerson

I'm sure I messed up one of the auto-bids but did that part quickly, but wanted to reflect UNC-Greensboro having a nice day with the bubble teams hurting themselves early so far... honestly that resume should be a 10 seed, they lost to teams only wearing white in this tournament but alas i think they are a last four in and Dayton bound for sure if they get in


Unknown said...

Thanks for publishing. Just curious question... How do you have MSU as a 3 and Michigan as 2... MSU has 11 Quad 1 wins... We have also9 beaten them twice over the past 2 weeks and our NET and KenPom are both higher. I take it you dont follow the Big Ten closely

joe said...

This is very poor and sloppy work. You left out FOUR autobids!

St. Mary's, Gardner-Webb, Liberty, and North Dakota State.

UNC Greensboro isn't getting in with a NET ranking of 60 and having Furman as their best and only notable win.

CJ Kaltenbach said...

As it noted I didn’t re-do the bottom end... good to see you can’t read though...

As for UNC-Greensboro it’s about beating everyone on the schedule... ya they lost to great teams, so has every bubble team... they scheduled hard and won games

CJ Kaltenbach said...

Really a non issue now, they’ll be on the 2 line in the next update, but has to do with non conference and a couple other things I look at re: seeding