Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Consensus Seedlist Through February 12

Our first consensus bracket of the year! Note that since we believe that seed lists only make sense if you are predicting where teams will be in March, the fact that this bracket is four days old has very little actual effect on it.

Also, be sure to check out the debate we had over this bracket in the "Bracket Debate" Section. Our big debates included Syracuse vs. Purdue, Wisconsin vs. Duke vs. Georgetown vs. Pitt, the final spot on the 6 line, and the huge bubble debate, culminating in South Florida vs. Virginia Tech vs. Dayton.

1: Kansas, Villanova, Kentucky, Syracuse
2: Purdue, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Duke
3: Georgetown, Pitt, Kansas St., Ohio St.
4: Texas, Vanderbilt, New Mexico, Tennessee
5: Wake Forest, Gonzaga, Michigan St, Baylor
6: BYU, Texas A&M, Temple, Marquette
7: Richmond, UConn, Maryland, Missouri
8: Butler, Xavier, Georgia Tech, Northern Iowa
9: Florida, Clemson, Florida St., William and Mary
10: Old Dominion, Oklahoma St, Illinois, Louisville
11: Charlotte, UNLV, South Florida, Mississippi
12: Dayton, Washington, Cornell, UAB

The bracket is also available under the consensus bracket link.

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