Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Florida in the Field??? NOT SO FAST MY FRIENDS!

My Bracket is up, go check it out!

Florida In?
Florida did have an impressive win last night over UT, but you have to remember its a home win against a Chismless Tennesee team. Florida's best non-conference win is Michigan State which has nowhere near the value it did around Christmas. I still like Dayton for now.

Other Thoughts on Bryce's Bracket

- ND 2nd team out? This has to be a typo... he meant to have them on the next 4 out line I would imagine... if not he's got a lot of explaining to do.

- Glad to see I finally got him on the UNM bandwagon, If they get this 4 seed and stay out West I WILL PICK THEM FOR THE FINAL FOUR... they are that good.

- Purdue over Nova for now due to the # of Big East losses they have against the top, but they have time to change this

- I think I have Maryland too high at a 7, and Bryce is crazy for having them at 6

- UConn will be this year's Arizona... Bracketologists didn't have Arizona in last year (WE did of course) and they won't learn from their mistakes



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