Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hop on the UConn Bandwagon? Been there, Done That?

So, the guys over at Bracketology 101 think they're driving the Connecticut bandwagon. Ain't got nothing on us. Had them in on February 14, and now they're settled back into their original placing. Here's a chat transcript from a few minutes ago:

Bryce (10:17:32 PM): Hey, if you're not gonna be done with your bracket tonight
Bryce (10:17:45 PM): You want to just do a criticism/defense of mine?
CJ (10:17:49 PM): I'll have it up by midnight
Bryce (10:18:06 PM): I have some good points to attack.
Bryce (10:18:26 PM): Michigan St. and UConn are on the same line
CJ (10:18:39 PM): i might agree with it
CJ (10:18:44 PM): depending what the # is
Bryce (10:18:47 PM): 7
CJ (10:18:55 PM): i basically agree
Bryce (10:19:26 PM): the only bracketologists that are giving them above an 11 seed are computers
Bryce (10:19:39 PM): and 2/3 still have them out
CJ (10:19:43 PM): i love how people think they are a bubble team
CJ (10:19:45 PM): its hilarious
CJ (10:19:47 PM): it really is
Bryce (10:20:05 PM): Like, they beat a one seed on the road
Bryce (10:20:22 PM): i mean, thats almost enough to get you into the tournament by itself
Bryce (10:20:27 PM): but then to beat a two?
Bryce (10:20:42 PM): and a three?
CJ (10:20:55 PM): i agree
CJ (10:20:59 PM): preaching to the choir

If you think that I'm off my rocker, and that losses mean something, look at last year, Boston College and Maryland.

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