Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome to Busting Bracketologists

Welcome to the home of Busting Bracketologists, where our expert staff of bracketologists will give you all the information you need to make yourself look like a star on selection Sunday.

Our website is pleased to contain an expert staff including 2 of the 4 bracketologists to accurately select all 65 teams from the tournament field last year, including one that finished in the Top 5 nationally.

Each week (or there abouts) our 3 man staff will compile individual brackets of all 65 teams in the field, at that point we will combine the brackets (through agreement and consensus building) to come up with our Consensus bracket.

These brackets will be released by Tuesday, at which point our staff will debate differences in the Bracket Debate Area, and on Friday, we'll post our mailbag comments into that area.

Welcome to Busting Bracketologists and if you have any suggestions for our staff, feel free to contact us via email which can be found in the about us section.

Busting Bracketologists Staff

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